Taking Back the House #4 – Let There Be Light

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April 22, 2014 by Labrys


Since I have re-instituted Mondays off, I decided that would be the ideal day upon which to work on reintegrating small things back into the Big House in advance of the big move of furnishings and such in August, when painting and preparation is complete.  Today, I hung a few pretty things in the kitchen window.  But the big symbolic thing was moving my wax bespattered collection of brass candle holders and the beeswax candles back inside to the mantle over the propane fireplace that heats the house in winter!

Griffins are at either end, but the dark one at far right is actually an antique made of iron…with one broken off wing.  I make my own beeswax candles, but since it has been over three years since I made any — I am nearly at the end of my supply!  I hope by this fall to have completed my move into the house and be relaxed and ready to begin processing raw wax to again make a good supply.


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