More Misogyny, More Rape Culture


May 27, 2014 by Labrys

IMG_0361“Forgive your husband”??  Seriously?  A man who drugged his wife to rape her and film deviant acts?  And this marital rapist is “just ok” (presumably like Jesus) to the judge who gave him no jail time?  I am unconvinced that an ankle bracelet is sufficient sentence, thank you very much.  Furthermore, should this rapist lure a woman into his home, how does an ankle bracelet prevent him drugging and raping her? 

I’m guessing that judge is a member of the “marriage is consent to sex” crowd?  Or worse, is he a dedicant to “Christian masculinity”?  Either way, a little freedom FROM religion would be awesome right about now.  I’m a bit sick of women being put ON that cross in the service of men’s sexual desires.  Oh, and don’t even get me started that lack of sexual gratification is a justification for murder requiring “game” to save lives.  Or is it Rude to suggest that sexual frustration is not a justification for killing? Meanwhile, in Texas?  Life in prison — must have been something dire, right?  Not so fucking much, no.

And does that sound bitter?  Just a bit, perhaps — since in the interest of sucking up to the Orthodox Church, Pope Francis says a celibate priesthood is NOT dogma and open to discussion.  But women being priests, oh, THAT door is not open to discussion.  Because we all know women’s lives are SO much less holy than men and their every sperm, right?  I am sick of religions making men the better half of the race!  I think America might consider Goddess spirituality a sort of necessary feminine affirmative action process!

In my youth, I was accused of being a “line ’em up and shoot ’em” feminist.  I was NOT that way…but the idea that women are people was certainly that radical.  But as I age, and see women being treated like throw-away cum-rags by my society?  I’m about ready to advocate lining SOMEone up to be shot!  A society that continues to not value women deserves to find out what not having women would be like — I recommend enforced reading of Frank Herbert’s “The White Plague.”  There are no happy endings for ANYone in a society that thinks women are NOT people.

2 thoughts on “More Misogyny, More Rape Culture

  1. I wish I could harness my outrage to the household electrical box somehow…I’m pretty sure the electrical company would be paying ME for the excess “ooomph”!


  2. priestessavalonrainsong says:

    So many things outrage me, now that my eyes are open to them. I’m SOOO glad I’m a Morrigan honoring pagan witch now!


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