Drug-Me-Insensible Hump Day


June 18, 2014 by Labrys

1i medI avoid going out much.  This is because I hate the color orange…such is worn in prison. I once read that as men age, they become more conservative in opinions and action; while women grow more radical.  So, this means, it is normal that shit I read every day makes me want to “smack” several people per hour into a coma?  People like these:

The ones the diagnosed a little girl helplessly laughing as having “misbehavior”?  Apparently, that is a medical condition if you are female?  When she grows up a bit, I’m sure someone will accuse her of hysteria.

The asshats at a classy restaurant tawdry fried chicken joint who told a little girl to leave because she was too ugly?  Too scarred to be seen in public and presumably ruining appetites?

Is it still “smacking” if I do it with a safe or piano like the cartoons? Because Rep. Larry Lockman needs something that usually only happens to Wiley Coyotes — he thinks if women can have legal abortions, rape should be legal, too — as a male “right” to sexual freedom. But he “regrets” his comments, so its all ok, especially if you are a Rethuglican.


And gimme a ball bat to slap those whose Hobby is apparently Lobby’ing to control women’s reproductive lives.  After all, they have wiffle-balls for brains….one assumes.

And line ’em up at GM, because I’d like to bitch-slap the lot of them wearing a metal gauntlet; because a woman is a convicted felon for what THEY did not fix in their cars.

Those who bury scientific history in a welter of political slogging? Including what might have happened to an unknown first woman in space?  Normally, conspiracy stories don’t engage me much — but the Soviet mind set of the ’60’s was to hide all that was not successful.

And then, perhaps it is a virulent case of sour grapes; but where, oh WHERE, are all the evangelistic televised preachers shouting about punishment “by GAWD” when tornadoes eat up little white enclaves of Christians? I mean, when Katrina pounded New Orleans, they were ALL about the sin being washed away by hurricane waters….but they are curiously silent, for instance, about de-roofed Baptist Churches of non-African American congregants.  Is it wrong of me to snarkily wonder where the consistency went? (Old bitches like me still remember bad rhymes about Pepsodent Toothpaste reworked into racist political slogans.)

Damn..it is only Wednesday and I am THIS sick of the world?  The weeks are far too long, getting over the “hump” takes it all out of me.

4 thoughts on “Drug-Me-Insensible Hump Day

  1. :::sigh::: Yes, today was one of those mornings where I considered vodka instead of coffee so I COULD ignore the media. But, I had to drive…


  2. Radical is better than apathetic, right? I sometimes wonder….

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  3. And these are just the injustices that made the news. You may want to take a holiday from the Internet and any media outlet for the rest of the week, breathe, relax . . . .


  4. aquilakahecate says:

    I have definitely grown more radical as I have gotten older. Perhaps it’s the sense of finally being able to be yourself, instead of someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother.
    I’m not sure about men – my partner seems to make wobbly leaps to wisdom at odd intervals, but then he’s 8 years my junior, so he’s got time. 🙂
    Terri in Joburg


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