Solstice Bee Blessings!


June 20, 2014 by Labrys

bee glassMay your summer be a-buzz with bees of some sort.  Now, don’t freak out and reach for a fly-swatter!  It is Pollinator Week!  Besides, bees are SO pretty!

And we need our honeybees and other wild ones, after all, you like to eat, right?  And don’t say “Oh, who cares about honey?” or I will have to hit you with…oops, never mind, almost no fruit left to throw.  Pollinators are even needed by chocolate!  Do I have your attention now?

I hope the White House knows that to save the bees, it will have to address the issue of the toxic pesticides MOST responsible for their decline.

9 thoughts on “Solstice Bee Blessings!

  1. priestessavalonrainsong says:

    I will look into that. Thanks for the suggestion!


  2. You might investigate the new “top bar” hives…they are lighter as each comb only has wood at the top and is naturally formed below. Generally, these hives don’t add more “supers” all summer…instead, a few frames of honey at a time are taken and replaced with new top bars …it is more work for the bees, but perfect for backyard beekeepers. Also, it might help keep mites and other problems to a smaller impact than the typical Langstroth style hive.


  3. priestessavalonrainsong says:

    Oh, they only had a couple in their back yard, and I’d want to operate on a very small scale, myself. I have some physical limitations myself, and would have to get my husband to help quite a bit.


  4. It can be very physically demanding, depending on the number of hives one cares for; after having spinal surgery, I gave up working professionally because caring for up to 800 hives per DAY was too difficult and exhausting with spinal fusion.


  5. priestessavalonrainsong says:

    I would love to learn to do that some day. My great aunt and uncle used to. It’s a bit intimidating, but I think it’s an important skill.


  6. I have a deep love for bees because I used to be a beekeeper.


  7. priestessavalonrainsong says:

    I have a deep love for bees, as they are one of my animals.


  8. Amoret says:

    Reblogged this on Siren Afire and commented:
    Bee love all around!


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