Eden, Is It? Not My Garden, No Thank You (Edited for extra WTF)

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July 3, 2014 by Labrys

1jon quoteWell, they can take their Eden brand organic fruit and shove it — if their owner prefers to think of contraceptives as “lifestyle drugs”.  The ONLY way to show these religion imposing asshats the door is BANKRUPT them.  So stop buying this brand, boycott Hobby Lobby and others who claim their tender little pro-fetal, anti-woman policies trump a woman’s freedom to NOT be a walking incubator.  Do not be fooled by their evasive replies to questions about why they sue to avoid paying insurance that covers contraception – or when they call Obama a “dictator” as they presume to dictate to women. Say, let’s ‘make it so’ ok?  Tell Obama to executive order a solution!

1gov religionDon’t get me wrong, although I am just about on my way OUT all religious doors at this point, I will not tell others how to believe or not.  BUT they do not get to tell me or anyone else how to believe and thereby live by THEIR rules, either.  And yes, I will doubtless come across as very antagonistic to Christianity at this juncture — when I hear so many Christians of the “normal” (whatever that is) types celebrating how their “religious freedom” is protected by the Hobby Lobby ruling.  Really?  Is that how it is?  You deem it YOUR freedom to impede the lives and religious liberties of others?  Well, isn’t that special?

Frankly, I don’t GET it.  If you don’t believe in birth control, play spermy Russian Roulette all you want, ok?  Just don’t insist that every sex act in the country be forced to play your game by your rules!   If you don’t believe abortion is a moral act, don’t HAVE one — and furthermore? Maybe make abortion less of a necessity for women pushed to the economic and mental edge by too many children! After all, the Party of No certainly doesn’t much care what happens AFTER all those kids are saved from abortion, do they?

And BTW, many aren’t even paying attention to whether the Hobby Lobby sorts really ARE “good” Christians – if by “good” you mean “consistent” with Christian rules.  Oh, and Christians could inform themselves, perhaps, of the entirety of their own religious history: in the Old Testament (the Torah, as it was originally known) women could be sent to the TEMPLE to get abortion-inducing herbal mixtures because a fetus was not considered a person till it was emerging from the birth canal. So hey, if they want to talk Jesus to me, let me remind them that he was Jewish and thus his moral ancestry IS Christianity’s to a point.   Christians applauding the forced-birth crowd are acting like cherry-picking illiterates!  Because even that monotheistic Yaweh had a feminine side that was holy and to be revered.  (So, fuck the misogynists and Hail Spock!)

imagesI’m sick of religion being used to enable men to treat women less than human.  And Christians whining “But it’s the Bible,” only make me more angry.  “Jokes” like the  one at left* do NOT amuse me.  I’ve walked away from the monotheistic and patriarchal “faiths” — one, because the all-male, all-the-time routine pisses me off, and two? Because I don’t have ANY faith. I believe only in experience. No deity ever expressed to me any condemnation on birth control or abortion.

This SCOTUS ruling for Hobby Lobby reasserts a patriarchal standard of women as property of males — male employers in the main. So, worse than merely ‘belonging’ to father or husband, now even employers own power over female bodies. What about women’s religious rights? Or do we females even qualify with them as having souls? Or if we do, are we all to submissively assume it is right to entrust them (like our bodies?) to the nearest male?

And not only women will feel the religious power of Christians — it seems emboldened encouraged by the Hobby Lobby ruling, they now want Obama to use executive action to help them go on picking on gays and lesbians — to show deference for religious prerogatives.”  Wow.  Yeah, my friend PJ is right, it is like hashtag notallmen, only for the Jesus fandom. No crystal ball required to read the near future.

EDIT: I see comments from men and women about the Hobby Lobby ruling saying stuff like “So, what is the big deal, religious rights were NOT taken away, but unheld.  Women can just spring for $30 a month for pills.” Right.  A bit short-sighted that, I’d say.  What about when companies realize they can defer more and more of the expense of insurance onto consumers by claiming a religious reason.  What if some religious group wants to go all “will of God” about it and say something like “This is usually fatal — why fight God’s will, that is unhumble. Let the poor soul die in peaceful accord with the will of God.” — say, something afflicting both genders, like pancreatic cancer. Yeah, it is usually fatal.  I know LOTS of people get pissed when insurers don’t pay for damage caused by “acts of God”.  This ruling COULD open the gates to declaring a number of dire health threats to be the same thing.  So hey, yeah, whats the big deal, pay for your own cancer treatment if you can’t bow to the “will of God.”

I feel a Lysistrata SEASON coming on, myself. They only want women forced into birth so they have enough grown male babies to send to their eternal wars! I am gratefully past the age of child bearing. For those women who are not? Take over NASA, please? And send all the “men from Mars” BACK there….

*This image was manufactured to put on the tailgate of a truck — as if there is something “cool” about having a woman tied up and tossed in your truck.

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