This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – Or Honest Conversations


September 6, 2015 by Labrys

1gov religionI got a comment yesterday on my post decrying the idiocy of county clerks impressing their religion upon others, the inhumanity of humans never thinking people running from ISIL might have children and the GOP’s constant refrain of defunding Planned Parenthood.

Doubtless the comment’s writer thought I would approve it and argue with him so he could soapbox it up on my blog instead of his “This Christian’s Views” site.  Nope, that isn’t how it works here.  Instead, I will address his comment here — since he largely shows that a complete lack of logic, facts or compassion fuels his response to my alleged “anger issues”, “intolerance” and “hate.”  I will break up his long comment and italicize it so you can tell him from me, ok?  I will not argue with the commenter, nor ok his comments thus giving him permission to sound off here whenever he dislikes my view points.  After all, it IS my blog — he can go off on his own blog, where he might note, I do not “hatefully” come impose my views on him.

“Sounds like you have some issues with anger, I thought tolerance was the mantra of the left. Oh wait tolerance only for the things you approve of or believe in.”

No, I have no issues with anger at all.  I believe anger IS the rational response to people who elect themselves to run the lives of others by their personal religion.  And a word about tolerance.  Tolerance does not mean agreeing with just any old thing – it means tolerating things even if you do NOT agree.

I do not agree with some Baptists supporting hateful mission groups in Africa, for instance, where murder of gays, of women labeled “witches” and so forth is thereby supported.  In spite of this, I do TOLERATE Baptist churches even in my neighborhood — never walking around their borders with signs telling them they are murderers or that they are going to their hell.

I do not agree with the Catholic Church taking the stance in an overpopulated world that any effective form of birth control is a sin.  I think it is nonsensical to “forgive” women for taking action to control their own lives and be able to mother and feed children they might already have, for instance.  Yet I tolerate those churches and again, do not picket them with insulting signs and epithets.
“You should probably check your facts before you go on a hate filled rant like that. Planned Parenthood has other services than abortion (murder), the lie that only a small percentage of what they do is bs and you know it. When they say it’s only three percent they are skewing the numbers, if a nurse hands someone a tissue they count that as a service or administering an aspirin is listed as a service or taking a temperature is listed as a service to tally up against the numbers of abortions (murders) they perform to make it look like it’s a small percentage.”

No, you should check your facts.  If you choose to believe the propaganda handed out that includes bullshit (since you used the word) like teaching children that all abortions are like the exceedingly rare late stage dismemberment abortions, go right ahead.  But here is the thing you need to know about me: I WOULD SUPPORT PLANNED PARENTHOOD EVEN IF THE ONLY THING THEY DID WAS ABORTIONS.  ABORTION IS A LEGAL CHOICE.  GET OVER IT.
“Calling it reproductive health is also a farce, the abortions (murders) are being manipulated so they can harvest the organs and limbs of babies intact, thereby endangering reproductive health and causing more damage to the mothers body.
Also there are more than ten thousand other clinics in the U.S that do everything planned parenthood does except for abortions and are all government funded.
So if they defund planned parenthood you can still seek health care at any number of places that don’t murder babies.”

If you want to talk about “murdering” children, lets discuss the children already ON the planet who die of hunger, abuse, neglect, and disease.  I tend to take a rather triage-like view of things in the world — if we cannot yet adequately care for children already walking around crying in hunger or pain, where the FUCK do you and your ilk get off telling women EVERY pregnancy must come to birth?  And if you want to save children?  Hey show more interest in help FOR mothers and children instead of condemnation and name calling and making birth control ever harder to obtain.

Oh, and by the way, good old Mother Nature ends about half, if not two thirds of all fetal life, so good luck convincing me any god wants every child born.  Also, no there are not ten thousand other clinics that do everything Planned Parenthood does, not unless the person walking in their doors has a lot of money.

As for the slander that fetal organs are harvested and sold?  Maybe you stopped reading where it stopped feeding YOUR hatred?  Those videos have been shown to have been edited to a fare-thee-well to get a twisted message that was NOT accurate.  The majority of abortions are in the first trimester when the “tissue” (harvested or not) amounts to a tablespoon or two that is largely used for cellular studies.  Just what DO you imagine they are doing with wee arms and legs, anyhow?  Most tissues donated (or paid just to cover admin costs)?  They are only used at all with the permission of the aborting mother.  I know, because once upon a long ago, I SIGNED such a permission slip.

“As far as the Kim Davis thing goes, the supreme court cannot make law, they can interpret it and make a ruling in a case. They didn’t make it legal for homosexuals to get married they made it illegal to forbid them to get married. By default that makes a lot of people think that it’s legal. There is a difference.”

No, there is not a difference.  If something is not illegal in the United States, it is thereby legal.
“So what happens when two freedoms collide? Well there are many other offices one could go to to get a marriage license and if everyone actually respected each other than that’s what would have happened but nooo the gay agenda must prevail so push it on someone who is sincerely trying to live according her beliefs.”

Here is the thing, she doesn’t have ANY freedom to force her religious views on anyone else using a government office to do so.  She can refuse to give a license — but her error was refusing to let ANYONE in the office do it instead; someone, let’s say, with has no religious angst over it.  Like the people giving out licenses NOW in her absence, for instance.  People hit her office because they live in the county or because they hoped to make her see she was being irrational, and yes — since YOU brought it up — intolerant.  I’d have less issue with her if she said, simply and without preaching, “I am sorry, I just cannot in good conscience sign my name to this paper — so I am going to walk away and one of my team will help you out.”  But that is NOT what she did, she had an agenda herself.  And just as I noted and you did NOT address?  She pretty much cherry picks what parts of the Bible she wants to uphold — Jesus didn’t say jack about homosexuality, but he DID speak often against divorce and adultery.
“Lastly ISIS beheads homosexuals on a regular basis but somehow Christians are the bad guys? Muslims stone homosexuals and Christians get blamed for it? Disagreeing with you doesn’t make me a bigot, it makes me different than you I thought our country embraced differences and culture?”

How does it make any difference that BOTH Christians and Muslims treat homosexuals badly?  Did you see me at ANY point say I was in some fashion fond of ISIL?  In fact, I don’t much care for ANY of the three big monotheistic religions — their “only One” fixation tends to make them want to insist on only one way of approaching just about ANYthing.  And yes, now that you mention it, Christians HAVE often been the bad guys.  Just because Muslims (or Jews for that matter) behave badly, it does not make extreme right wing Christians’ behaviors in any way more acceptable by dint of them being “our” nutjobs.  Also, just as an aside?  I hear the Right say things ALL the time about money and jobs, stuff like “If they don’t like the (shitty) pay, they can quit and get a job somewhere else.”  So, why can’t people be told that on religious issues?  If you don’t think you can stand a job that requires you to be color-blind, gender-blind, and religion blind ON the job; don’t go to work there?

By the way I would never ask a Muslim to serve me pork, because I think that would be wrong, and when’s the last time you saw a Muslim serving pork anyway? I don’t think he should if it violates his beliefs.

Um, reading carefully is your friend.  Grocery clerks come in almost any religion you can name.  If said clerk/checker refused to sell anything to a customer based upon their OWN religious feelings, as said county clerk (similarly ‘selling’ county services to all), there would be a great deal of screaming and lamenting.  So yes, it is perfectly possible that every day in this country store clerks sell things their own religion forbids.  And THAT is tolerance.

1war on women“The same way you should be able to write something so incredibly angry like this post and not have that freedom taken away from you, but there will come a time when that happens and your freedom is under attack I wonder if you’ll be so open minded then?”

I am entitled to be incredibly angry when any individual presumes to pre-empt the laws of the country to be subsidiary to any single religion’s precepts.  Also,  my family and I have done military service for generations to protect the freedoms you seem to be ranting on about, and yes, that includes me – a female.  The freedoms MOST at risk in this country ARE the freedoms of women to self-determine their own lives and that threat comes from religious folks like the extremists MANY Americans now worry over.  So, no — at no time did I claim to be open minded with regard to having religion STEAL freedoms my family members have fought and bled to preserve.   Worse?? Once you start the alleged religious exception, it really does feel like a treacherous slippery slope — because you get some yahoo (in Texas) who decides law enforcement comes “from God” who then wants to “get rid of that innocent till proven guilty” bit. Yes, I do believe religious “freedom” used in such a way is absolutely a tyranny and I will fight it every way possible.

You are free to believe and act in YOUR OWN life according to whatever religious precepts you choose.  You are NOT free to enforce those beliefs on others who do not share those religious beliefs.  And neither is the county clerk having her 15 minutes of ill-fame.

5 thoughts on “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – Or Honest Conversations

  1. Pretty much my view, I never go bothering them in their “lairs” so I see no need to take their comments here passively. A blogger I admire, Stonekettle Station, taught me that spam filing them and ridiculing them in a post is the best defense!


  2. I too get comments from people who want to –as you put it–“soapbox it up” on my blog. I feel a bit bad about simply trashing their lengthy posts, but I figure they have lots of other places to proselytize and write elaborate defenses of Christianity.


  3. Why, thank you.


  4. Lesley says:

    I love you so much.


  5. Love the post. 🙂 It is all sharp and pointy and explainy, brava! 🙂

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