Tuesday Re-Tech

July 16, 2019 by Labrys

I’ve decided Monday’s will be tech-free; thus yesterday no posts, no news, no phone. I am grateful for the break.

But there is info that won’t be denied by turning off my internet devices. I took my tech-free self to the Labyrinth to walk for 10th SFG(A) Sgt. Maj. James Sartor who was killed in Afghanistan by hostile small arms fire this weekend.

Tonight, somewhere not here, the moon will be in eclipse and look like my photo. It looks like blood on the moon to me – no shortage of bloodshed with the never ending wars?

I am not grateful for endless war on our fellow humans and our Mother Earth.

Blank Spaces A-Coming

I am a lazy blogger.  I am a lazy blogger planning on editing my media folder.  I will be taking out most online memes I have used as part of my end-of-year clean up.  I’m trying to force myself to more personalized dedication.  This means old posts will suddenly have blanks – be warned.

Guitar Magpie


This blog is the last online outpost for me. I've deleted or cancelled other journals, blogs, etc. I have closed comments due to the very personal nature of some of my posts. I also play poorly with trolls. IF it is absolutely needful to contact me? You may write to me at syrbal6 at gmail dot com. I may or may not answer.
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