Swamped and Done

July 21, 2019 by Labrys

I am hereby suspending my Gratitude Project posts. The problem is, for each small or large personal gratitude I try to focus on each day, there are five or ten monstrous things for which I am not only ungrateful, but horrified past words.

This is clearly counterproductive.

It is absurd to be happy at the sight of a pop up flower when children are in cages.

It is clearly obscene to celebrate a cool morning when millions of people are enduring death-dealing heat in a nation that continues from the top down to deny climate change which could eliminate entire species from the planet.

It is privileged bitch shit to be happy about making a new necklace for myself out of old bits when other women have to worry about rape enabling language from the White House AND the increasing difficulty of finding birth control or abortion services.

It’s patent stupidity for me to blather on about working to supersede personal issues when I am simply denying the depth of my heartbreak and despair.

The lights are going out in America and we are all candles in the wind if the fucking Democrats can’t find a way to cleanse the White House of the best applicant for evangelistic cries of “Anti-Christ” I’ve EVER seen.  (But THOSE hypocrites LIKE that obscenity of a creature!) We all know by now that the  Grand Old Pervert party is going to stick with him and twist every moral fiber and legal precedent to keep power in their hands.

The only thing I’m truly grateful for just now?  That I am old enough to be unlikely to live long enough to see the total descent into fascism and anarchy.

I’m not “brave” or a “hero” or any of the things people have sometimes said to me online over the last 20 years.  I’m just sick of stupidity being hailed as virtue and watching nothing matter in America except turning a profit.  I’m a fed up baby boomer and veteran who has fought for environmental and progressive change all of her life and now am labeled “the problem” simply because I fall into an age bracket that the young want to blame.

You are fucked, America.  And sitting on your asses pointing fingers is ONE of the ways you got there.  Paper democracies all burn, sooner or later.  And the GOP is holding the matches and accelerant.



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