Words That Matter, Shoes That Fit

August 8, 2019 by Labrys

Even though my family believes in military service, even though I will go door to door for political matters I care about, even though I always vote, I have often found myself uncomfortable with the word “patriot”. I blame the George Bush Jr. years — when anyone who dared to raise a word of opposition was labeled “traitor” and the compliant go-alongs were the “patriots.”

I always thought of myself as a citizen.  I thought that was a perfectly adequate word for one who did their civic duty.  I found the uses of “patriot” to hyperbolic if not down right hysterical, to be honest.

But that is mostly because the word has been hijacked by the right.  What a sad thing that is, too.  There is a better word, one that has been used before for racist populists.  I think the Guardian newspaper is right, we need to reclaim the word patriot and bring back one that fits the Trumpists better.  Especially since the word “tacky” barely describes Trump’s behavior.


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