Enough Yet?

August 10, 2019 by Labrys

America has a gun problem. It is not as if the rest of the world has no gun owners, no crime, but the number of Americans dying by bullet is beginning to make the “pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness” a giant not-funny joke.

I stand firmly by the poster above.  Anyone who says they need an assault rifle, semi-automatic or bump-stock enhanced, to hunt should simply not be hunting because he/she is a complete idiot who possibly shouldn’t have ANY gun.

Twenty-five thousand Americans die annually in gun suicides – a good many of those are despairing veterans.  Women are killed daily by significant others.  Family destroyers kill their children.  Racists openly murder and declare their reason.

It’s not violent movies.  It’s not violent video games.  The rest of the world HAS those and yet don’t hit America’s 30,000 – 40,000 annual gun deaths.  It’s not mental health nut jobs except for about 1% of gun murders. America’s powers that be don’t want gun violence scientifically studied as the public health menace it is because what studies exist do say there are TWO MAIN CAUSES of American-death-by-gun.  Read it, weep and swear.  Then get on the phone, especially if your Senators and Representatives are GOP types partially or wholly subsidized by the fucking NRA.

The NRA used to teach gun safety and responsibly gun ownership.  Now it is merely a lobby for gun manufacturers to help them make more blood money.  The idea they sell now is that gun ownership is a hobby we all need, they flog fear and say more guns is the answer.  When is it enough, America?  When it is your child, your spouse?

I am familiar with gun violence.  I am familiar with suicide by gun, because my father killed himself that way.  I’m a veteran.  I am not unfamiliar with guns.  My family members own guns.  We do not own battlefield weapons because we refuse to live ON a battlefield.  That is what the NRA is espousing these days – that American life MUST be a battlefield and everyone must be ready to kill and die by AR-15 or the like.

Fight back.  Or start arming your kindergartener?


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