The Rules

  1. STOP talking when someone isn’t hearing you.
  2. STOP complaining about what you cannot or will not change.
  3. STOP fixing what you did not break.
  4. STOP helping/rescuing those who won’t help or rescue themselves.
  5. STOP buying the romantic idea that everything is fixable – know when to walk away.

Life’s a Bitch

Swimming Off…

…I am, just after Solstice. A tiny insignificant fish in the ocean of the internet.  All my posts from here on are pre-posted and I’ve found a different home where I can feel free and clear.

I hope all my friends find a better new year – I know we all had more than enough in 2020.  I’ve not been a wild fan of the entire 21st century thus far, just saying.  ::::waves with a flick of a mermaid tail::::

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